Highmark Blue Shield

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)


CHIP, brought to you by Highmark Blue Shield, provides comprehensive health care coverage to eligible children and teens in the 21 counties of central Pennsylvania. CHIP is available in Pennsylvania to any uninsured child up to age 19, regardless of household income. Every uninsured child and teen who is not eligible for Medical Assistance or covered by other insurance can enroll in CHIP.

Households with higher incomes may have to pay monthly premiums and copays for some services. Many children will qualify for Free CHIP coverage.

CHIP does not require any medical questionnaires and there is no pre-existing condition limit. Eligible children will receive comprehensive health and drug coverage, dental care and vision care.

CHIP is funded through state and federal funding as well as Highmark Blue Shield subsidies. The program offers free coverage to children and teens that fall within the Free CHIP Income Guidelines (PDF) . For those children in households with higher incomes, the program is offered at low cost and at cost.

Dental care is provided by United Concordia Companies, Inc. Vision Care is provided by Davis Vision, Inc. United Concordia and Davis Vision are independent companies that do not provide Highmark Blue Shield products or services.